Becoming a Patriotic American is the easiest, most rewarding way to support service members while getting access to unique clothing and being entrenched within the community.

Let's face it. America is changing, and fast.

So fast that those who've sacrificed, making it what it is today, protecting liberties and freedoms we've been blessed with, have been kicked to the curb, and in some cases forgot all together.

We don't believe this is right AT ALL.

And know that our community, like you, thinks the same way, so we created Patriotic American.

We wanted Patriotic American to stand for something and do it differently than any organization would attempt.

What makes us different is that instead of you donating money to a traditional foundation, we support multiple foundations for service members while giving our Patriotic American Members access to uniquely created apparel, designed by American hands, for firesale discounts.

Taking this idea, we ran with it, hoping that we could make a long-lasting impact on those that've served our now hurting nation and us, with our own talents.

Being around less than a year in our community, supporting our service members, we've already grown to over 1000+ members fueling our drive to build a stronger and better community for Americans.

Fundraising for actual service members in need. Not politicians' wallets.

Supporting a cause by yourself is a step in the right direction.

But what if you could do it while gaining access to premium quality gear and updates on projects and organizations we're able to support because of your commitment?

The baboons running this country are causing distrust throughout our communities, infringements within the foundations of our constitution, and Washington's overreaching, causing anger in our streets and homes.

If you've been caught in this blaze of fury, it's not your guilt.

That's how this system, built by us, built for us, is being played against us.

From radical Washington to media propaganda.

But, one thing we know for a fact about change is..

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

The liberties we DEMAND that have been bled for are worth our fight. The POWER of those that infringe on them WILL NOT STAND WITH US.

The only impactful way to make this change is by serving each other, supporting our strengths, and staying informed TOGETHER.

Now, more than ever, Americans are losing their ways, agreeing to temporary solutions and unconstitutional policies deployed by our leaders. 

Becoming SOFT towards changes that will alter to course of this country forever...NOT to our benefit.

We, for one, will not roll over on our backs to these communistic ideologies, agenda-inspired angles, and challenging of our freedoms, will you?

Serfdom will not be our future.

Patriotic American was created to be a lighthouse in this smog of fear, distrust, and lies being deployed on our country. We do it by working with the people first, those that've gotten us here, and have helped us build such comforts. Our military.

You cannot move forward without recognizing how we got here in the first place. You can not make LONG LASTING change in a democracy if you start with those at the top.

You MUST start from the bottom up. From the people, to those in power.

So, I must ask, are you ready to become a Patriotic American?

You get access to a catalog of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more that we're always adding to for 70% off normal prices.

✔ You get chances to win free prizes for just being a member every month.

You get to suggest organizations that we can put our Patriotic American Contribution towards every month.

You get access to a special community of like-minded Americans that don't want this country to become diluted.

You get newsletters and updates on events we believe are changing America for the better and worst.

✔ All for just $12.99/m - The cost of 1 Double Quarter Pounder meal a month, going towards something with purpose.

To join this community of Americans that have a backbone and want to support a country they can still be proud of, purchase one of our items from this page, and you'll be enrolled in our membership and emailed with details regarding your login information.

We look forward to having your strengths and influence. No matter how big or small, help America return course to greatness. Your community needs you.

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Monthly Charitable Support.

With your commitment, you're not only supporting by standing in the faith of our nation, but you're also directly donating to the Men and Women that proudly serve our nation. Every month we donate to a charity to help our nations civil servants. 
favorite_border   Let Us Know Of A Charity Your Passionate About (Local or National)
favorite_border   Help Support 1000's Of Active/Non-Active Military, And First Responders
favorite_border   Help Bring Stability To Those In Need.

Join Our Exclusive Awaken America FB Group.

If You Want To Go Fast. Go Alone. But If You Want To Go Far. Go With A Tribe Of People With Common Beliefs. That's What We Patriotic American's Live By. You'll Get Access To Our Exclusive FB Group Of Proud American's With A Spirit Of Fire For Change And Updates On How We're Making Change Within Our Community.
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About Patriotic American

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Our shirts are manufactured and shipped out of Coatesville, Pennsylvania. In the early 1900's Andrew Carnegie came to town and brought with him the Steel Industry. To this day those Steel Mills are standings tall. Our shirts are printed, manufactured, and shipped right out of one of the old Steel Mills in Coatesville. 

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We Have a Money Back Guarantee! Within 30 days of your purchase please reach out to us if you want and exchange or return, we will give a full refund or exchange - whatever you would prefer.

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