Values Leaving Our Society

How to Stop Our Falling Nation in 3 Simple Steps

August 18th, 2022 | by Patriotic American

Over 20 years

many radical changes have happened within our great nation.

Promises broken, deceptive agendas, helicopter money dished out (mainly for institutions in the form of bailouts)

When rapid changes occur in a short time span, it’s almost natural for things to become unrecognizable.

Our values are becoming lost, constitutional rights are challenged, and the church is becoming an afterthought to politicians as our children have to inherit this country.

It really makes you wonder…

what are we really leaving for them?

What will be left?

I'm no genie, but at this rate, I can tell you there's not many pieces they're looking forward to having passed down. 

Like $30,000,000,000,000 (thirty-trillion) in debt, an eroding currency, dysfunctional social order, and distrust in political power.

For the sake of our children, grandchildren, friends, and community…

It feels like whiplash trying to keep up with it all.

Most Americans simply want to protect their family, their money, and have a peaceful life away from the chaos.

But as things progress, this disorder is becoming harder to ignore.

The problem growing closer and closer to each of our front doorsteps.

This conversation has changed from an “if” to “when” - time is the only factor before we either do something or something is done to us by our ‘great nation.’

What’s the good news about this chaos?

We, the people, the fire of this nation, can do something about it, focusing on these 3 MAIN places of impact that can completely change our government and lives.

From living as sheep to our government, being told what WILL happen, hearing our madness but rarely listening. To become shepherds ourselves, independant of the overreaching, leading our communities. 

We believe every American should know about these 3 Main things, the steps to hold prosperity and freedom once again within our bleeding nation.

Step 1: Enemy #1 IS NOT a Person.

91% of Americans believe that (misleading) news media is created with the sole purpose of confusing the average American.

Now more than ever, simple things like:

▪ Running Political candidates

▪ New policy being voted in/out

▪ Social and International laws

▪ Federal spending

▪ Government Programs

These are all topics that will have Uncle Martin jumping the table in rage during Christmas dinner in the heat of discussion, screaming, “you have NO IDEA what you’re talkin about!!”

This mentality leads friends and family members (including mine) to turn their backs and shame their blood for their political stances.

Having your own opinion isn’t what’s ruining this country. It's the sources that fuel those opinions (and facts)

Big Media tells you how to feel about changes, how THEY see an issue, and most importantly, whose fault it is, completely biased to their target viewership.

Why would they do this?

What’s the point?

That’s easy - because it’s profitable.

"Total revenue for the three major cable news channels increased modestly in 2020 (to $1.7 billion for CNN, $2.9 billion for Fox News and $1.1 billion for MSNBC), according to estimates Kagan, a media research group in S&P Global Market Intelligence"

The News business is a business, after all, and newsworthy material isn’t always readily available, so making things up, exaggerating, and pointing fingers is a common tool used to increase viewership and trust between the program and you.

We get looped into this by finding the few channels that we relate to most, for example, CNN and FOX News.

Watching one over the other isn’t our concern. 

But, watching either without understanding the full intentions and history of these media outlets is where the issues start broiling.

Especially with social media now in the mix, allowing large stations to reach people coast to coast.

Hearing the same types of alarming breaking news, day by day, will slowly determine how you view America and the opposition it faces.

Seeing the media for what they are, is a serious and REAL challenge, we will face in our lifetimes.

What should be done about this?...

Taking what news stations are saying at face value is dangerous.

News is important, but finding NON-BIASED fact-driven sources is even more, like Patriotic American, where we share weekly letters on current events and the actual details with less emotion and more action.

I'm not saying turn off the TVs, just understand their role in our country, and you’ll be a stronger, more sane person.

Step 2: Who Invited the Fed to the Party?

Ask friends and family members, and you’ll find that most have some tooth to pick with Washington.

Less than 30% of Americans today hold trust in our Government. Compared to over 85% in the mid-1960s. - Pew Reasearch Center

Although this wasn’t always the case, our leaders have surely earned this distrust over the last couple of decades.

Our nation's involvement in state issues has grown rapidly as cookie-cutter approaches have begun to single-handley crumble the integrity and power of our neighborhoods.

What’s made us skeptical?

The government's interventions rarely work as intended!

Most government programs and projects end up costing us, the people, the tax-payers, more than we “signed up” for.

Bad outcome after bad outcome, “someone's got to be tested on, someone has to be the fall guy, someone’s got to cover the tab. Why not the smallest, poorest, powerless group in our economy? The people!” - one bigwig says.

As time continues, more government intervention is on our horizon, not less.

From our homes and food to our church, nowhere is out of reach anymore.

Being a Patriotic American requires studying the words of our legislation and, more importantly, watching their actions.

These actions have led to bailouts, unconstitutional policy infringements, and in some cases, outright socialism.

Our people have been led to believe that “when you need a shoulder to cry on, lean on, or look up to, the fed will be there for you”

This mentality is fanatical.

Large groups of people solely relying on and believing what our politicians say in regard to our livelihoods will lead to the death of our nation.

Where’s my proof? You’re reading this right now. You see what’s happening.

We believe in the sovereignty of the individual as a key role in taking back and leading the power of our nation as Patriotic Americans.

(Unofficial Definition: Sovereignty - financial, economic, and mental freedom, not reliant or on any centralized governing entity. )

Sovereignty is at the core of strong patriots - leaning on government only invites problems that are better to let the people in our communities iron out.

Many times, the involvement of our fed is motivated by ulterior motives, usually fueled by opportunities to profit, and ultimately leads to tax-paying citizens being left out…other than the bill, of course.

It might sound too simple and naive. But that's why we believe it works so well. 

Our power, especially being blessed enough to be born in this nation, focusing on our individual authority will be the wrecking ball that breaks through the bureaucratic socialist BS we’re pushed around with as Americans.

Recognizing your individualism in our country is a must to save it from its course to demise. 

Could you imagine the impact if just 1/4th of our nation thought this way?

This is the second step we MUST take for our liberty. 

Step 3: Protect, Serve, Leave Behind.

Imagine your father or grandfather fighting in WW2, sustaining some severe injury in battle, coming back to the US as a changed person, requesting medical help, and being walked to a waiting room to wait, and wait..and wait…

For 20 years!

Real stories like this exist.

They might not physically be in a room. But our .gov has a history of putting those that are taking bullets for our nation on a list of “we’ll get to it.”

Ignoring service members' needs is, in fact, not a new concept.

This has been our country's way of treating the people who sacrifice time, sanity, and life to gain and protect our independence for centuries.

Don't believe me?

Those who fought British for US independence were promised financial benefits for their valor.

The revolutionary war came about, tens of thousands of American soldiers died on our soil, and for those that lived, well...

They received a small fraction of what they were promised and owed!

So much so, that many veterans simply struggled to feed themselves for more than a few days.

As you can imagine, this led to many pissed-off Continental Army Patriots.

This behavior continued into WW1 as many soldiers struggled with adverse effects from gas exposure and didn't receive much-needed care for recovery.

And into WW2, soldiers exposed to life treating radiation being upright denied care by our nation. 

”Roughly 18,275 atomic veterans (exposed to radiation from atomic test explosions) applied for disability compensation, but only 1,875 of these claims were granted"

Leaving 90% of veterans that would later develop lists of cancers without help because the VA was “backlogged”...

Our leaders are there with inspiration, purpose, and duty when they need you the most, feeding fire into men and women who give every piece of themselves toward the objective of protecting their friends, family, and nation.

Only to be led down a path of lies, deception, and neglect that beats them harder than the battles and sacrifice of war itself.

Imagine the place you call home. That IS home. Looking you in the eyes and telling you that "nothing can be done at this time, but we'll keep you informed" as you watch your name added to a long, nauseating list that will likely outlive you.

This is intolerable.

So what can be done?

Many organizations are out there, running privately and doing the right things with the proper support for our service members.

But this does not mean there are no foxes in the chicken coop.

Trust in many of these organizations is a fine line between helpfulness and just advertising.

Infamous charities like the "Help the Vets" organization pocked over 95% of all charitable donations received, and dozens of others have followed the same suit.

Conversely, unlike traditional charities, companies like Patriotic American donate to new organizations and causes every month and provide a service.

We create unique designs and build a catalog of American apparel that our members access for 70% OFF regular prices.

Patriotic American Customers signup for a small membership cost that goes towards organizations supporting veterans in MANY areas.

We even send monthly emails announcing the organizations supported for that month and the opportunity to suggest ones for upcoming months.

Fact is, if we wait for our leaders to make decisions on behalf of our service members, many veterans could be sustaining longer issues and injuries that could've been taken care of simply with a bit of support.

We, the people of this nation, the community, are the POWERHOUSE of causing change and impacting our country.

We shouldn't wait for leaders to create an angle, or selfish agenda before doing something right for our people.

We must set the example and expect Washington to follow.

Whatever it is that you do, wherever it is that you go, make sure that the support you provide for those around you matches your gratitude.

Companies like Patriotic American don't require much upfront and give you many other benefits and Opportunities to support our valued service members and hurting nation. 

We believe these 3 Main Areas NEED FOCUS.

Without each of us seeing these areas for what they are, we don’t stand a chance to preserve our constitution and the sacrifices made to instill it.

There are many ways to support our voices in the community. You just need to do SOMETHNG.

It’s much easier to read articles like this one, scroll to something else, put down your phone, and wonder what you should have for dinner tonight.

You’ll just be aiding a wrecking ball that’s coming towards your living room...

And for some simple-minded Americans, that’s ok.

But if you’re a real patriot reading this…you must do something. The future of our nation and generations rely on us to be the ones in history that turned these radical ways of governing around.

We must be the ones that impose a change in our nation and values on our people.

That doesn't mean you have to join our Patriotic American membership and contribute in the easiest and most gratifying way we think possible, supporting those that came before and fueling the ideas and voices to lead our future as a community.

You just MUST do something, some type of commitment, even if you start one of your own within your neighborhood.

You might feel small in comparison to all that’s happening, but your country is relying on you.

Find a way to be a better American towards your neighbors and community.

Learn more about Patriotic American here and get your first shirt for $7.99