The Shocking Truth Of A Neglectful Nation and Hurting Solders. 

Imagine, your uncle or father fighting in WW2, sustaining some serious injury in battle, coming back to the US a changed person, requesting for medical assitance and being put in a waiting room for...

20 years!

They might not physically be in a room.

Still, it sure feels like it, as their possibilities are stifended becayse of physical a metal injuries sustained, protecting a nation that does little to rehabilitate them.

Real stories like this exisit. 

Ignoring service members' needs is, in fact, not a new concept.

This has been our country's way of treating the people who sacrifice time, sanity, and life to gain and protect our independence for centuries.

Don't believe me?

Those who fought British insurgents for US independence were promised financial benefits for their valor.

The revolutionary war came about, tens of thousands of American soldiers died on our soil, and for those that lived, well...

They received a small fraction of what they were promised and owed!

As you can imagine, this led to many pissed-off Continental Army Patriots.

This behavior continued into WW1 as many soldiers struggled with adverse effects from gas exposure and didn't receive much-needed care for healing.

And into WW2, soldiers exposed to life treating radiation being upright denied care by our nation.

Our leaders are there with inspiration, purpose, and duty when they need you the most, feeding fire into men and women who give every piece of themselves toward the objective of protecting their friends, family, and nation.

To be led down a path of lies, deception, and neglect that beats them harder than the battles and sacrifice itself.

Imagine the place you call home. That IS home. Looking you in the eyes and telling you that "nothing can be done at this time, but we'll keep you informed" as you watch your name added to a long, nauseating list that will most likely outlive you.

This is intolerable.

So what can be done?

Many organizations are out there, running privately and doing the right things with the proper support for our service members.

But this does not mean there are no foxes in the chicken coop.

Trust in many of these organizations is a fine line between helpfulness and just advertising.

Infamous charities like the "Help the Vets" organization pocked over 95% of all charitable donations received, and dozens of others have followed the same suit.

Conversely, unlike traditional charities, companies like Patriotic American donate to new organizations and causes every month and provide a service.

We create unique designs and build a catalog of American apparel that our members access for 70% retail prices.

Patriotic American Customers signup for a small membership price that goes towards organizations supporting veterans in many facets.

We even send monthly emails announcing the organization supported for that month using proceeds and the opportunity to suggest ones for upcoming months.

Fact is, if we wait for our leaders to make decisions on behalf of our service members, many veterans could be sustaining longer issues and injuries that could've been taken care of simply with a bit of support.

We, the people of this nation, the community, are the POWERHOUSE of causing change and impacting our country.

We shouldn't wait for the uppers to create an angle, or selfish agenda before doing something right for our people.

We must set the example and expect Washington to follow.

Whatever it is that you do, wherever it is that you go, make sure that the support you provide for those around you matches your gratitude.

Companies like Patriotic American don't require much upfront and give you many other benefits and Opportunities to support our valued neighboors. 

Find a way to be a better American towards your neighbors and community.

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